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"You can’t become pink. If you become pink, I’m screwed."



Aaron’s 2013 drama | 就是要你愛上我 ♥ Just You qi yi and liang liang accept ming ming as their ‘son’ (ep12)

Very nice

Just You eps. 13 "Preview" 


- You performed CPR on a goldfish?!
- Isn’t that what you told me to do?!

Can’t contain my feels


After 27 episodes, my OTP (George Hu and Annie Chen) finally got together. I’m so happy I decided to give “Love, Now” a try considering that I was hesitant at first since it was 72 episodes. Yea, I guess the storyline kind of drags on but it adds to the realism of a relationship needing time to nurture unlike the dramas that are only 20 or so episodes. Seriously, I have never seen a cuter confession than the one Shi De gave Yi Ru.


let’s continue the shipping ^^


Love, Now → Lan Shi De’s Allergy to Hamsters

Lan Shi De is allergic to the hamsters but insist on taking a look at “doudou” who happens to be yiru & his “baby” (He bought it for yiru when he was pursuing her) He ended up sneezing non-stop until Yi Ru brings doudou back to the cage.